Pediatric Services

Children’s health needs are much different than those of adults. Children grow quickly, and if health problems are not treated, they can affect a child’s development. Keeping kids healthy is one of the most important jobs of being a parent, so it is important to remember that you are not alone.

In partnership Dr. Toni Johnson Chavis Pediatrics is here to help and to provide children with the foundation for a lifetime of good health. We offer health services to children and young adults from birth to age 21.
All services are provided in a confidential and personal setting, and include:

Well-Child Exam

A well-child exam is a physical and medical assessment of a child. These exams are scheduled at regular intervals during the first two years of life, and then annually after the age of 2. Some of the procedures that are performed at these checkups include:

Examination of the child’s body Height/weight measurements
Nutrition assessment
Developmental screening
School assessments and referrals
Age specific education regarding the child’s growth and development

Pediatric Care

DTJC offers age appropriate primary and preventive health services to children and young adults from birth up age 21. After the age of 21, young adults can be referred to the adult providers in our Family Medicine Department.

Same Day Sick Child Visits

We offer same day services for sick children.