Vision & Purpose


De Novo Health Care’s mission is to provide direct access to comprehensive, quality, primary, and preventive healthcare to improve the health status and well being of the impoverished and underserved communities of the greater Compton, California and neighboring areas.


De Novo Health Care will serve as a community leader as the most proficient patient health care provider for the uninsured and underinsured residents of the greater Compton, California and neighboring areas.


De Novo’s philosophy is to deliver compassionate care with the respect due to our residents.


De Novo is guided in the pursuit of its philosophy by practicing its four core values:

  • We believe that neither the inability to pay nor the inability to be insured should prevent people from receiving appropriate health care.
  • We believe that all health care is "local", meaning that the linkage between community-based planning, governance and collaboration are critical.
  • We believe that compassion, the ability to listen and respond to the needs of all people, is a cornerstone of the comprehensive, high-quality care we offer.
  • We believe that all people deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Where It All Began

Concerned about the steadily decreasing number of medical practitioners serving the community De Novo was created. First, De Novo partnered with the local school district to address the critical lack of services and the poor immunization rates among the community’s children. After many years extensive research, grassroots advocacy, and personal sacrifice, de novo saw their vision of providing the uninsured and low-income population of this area with a “medical home” come to fruition with the establishment of De Novo Community Clinic.

For greater than two decades, the Executive leadership of Denovo, Dr. Toni Johnson Chavis has treated over 35,000 uninsured residents.